Is the Woombie safe?
Woombie products have been tested extensively in laboratories and are used in hospitals in America. In the Netherlands, the Woombie swaddles are recommended by maternity nurses, obstetricians, paediatricians, breastfeeding centres, mama cafes, and by Stichting Steunpunt Huilbaby's. The Woombie was also Baby Product of the Year in 2010 and 2016 in the Netherlands. Worldwide, the Woombie is now sold in many countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Philippines, Russia, Poland, Taiwan, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Iran.

When should I stop swaddling?
You can swaddle your little one until rolling begins. If your baby starts rolling during sleeps while it's swaddled, risks emerge. You should therefore stop swaddling once your baby starts rolling. Swaddling with the Woombie swaddle encourages your baby to sleep on its back.

Which size of swaddle should I choose?
Choose the size that fits the weight of your child. The weight of your child is always leading in the choice of size. Age and height of your child are less important than weight when choosing the right size. For the right choice, check our size chart. Don't buy a larger Woombie so your baby can grow into it, because it will be too large for swaddling.

What material is the Woombie made of?
The Woombie is made from single-layer, breathable organic cotton. The fabric consists of 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex. Some swaddles are even made of 100% organic cotton. The breathability of Woombie products reduces the risk of overheating and heat build-up. These are important causes of SIDS.

Can my baby develop its motor skills while swaddled?
The Woombie stimulates the motor development of your child when it's swaddled. The unique thing about the Woombie is that there is room for the legs and the arms to move in the swaddle, so that the development of your little one is stimulated. When it's swaddled in the Woombie, your baby can sleep in the frog position. The Woombie is also very suitable for children with an increased risk of hip dysplasia because the swaddle has ample leg room.

How should I dress my baby when it's swaddled?
The temperature in the bedroom determines how warm you dress up your little one when it's swaddled. For good advice, check our TOG values overview.

What are TOG values?
The TOG value is an indication of the insulating abilities of textiles. The higher the TOG value, the warmer and more insulating the material.

Why are TOG values important?
Heat build-up is scientifically proven to increase the risk of SIDS. It is therefore important to make sure that your baby isn't covered or dressed too warmly when swaddled. Many parents tend to dress or cover their babies up too warmly. Aside from the risk of heat build-up, an increased temperature also causes restlessness and sleep problems.

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