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Convertible Woombie swaddle, with or without vent: Arms open to convert from the Original Woombie swaddle to an arms-free sleeper when the time arises to transition the baby. Do what’s most comfortable to swaddle your baby with either option! Cotton/Spandex blend. Fabric stretchy. The Woombie Convertible is a unique 2 in 1 pull-in sleeping bag. This recessed sleeping bag is ideal for the gradual reduction of the retraction. By opening the flaps on the shoulders, the arms can be removed from the swaddle. In this way, children can get used to sleeping in small steps without being swaddled. The Woombie Convertible can also be used as a normal sleeping bag, which gives this swaddling bag a unique double function.

Advantages Swaddle Convertible

The Convertible inbags sleeping bag can be used in different ways and helps with the removal of bins. In addition, the Woombie Convertible is made of deliciously soft and breathable ecological cotton and features a two way zipper to easily change the diaper while swaddled. The design of this sleeping bag measures the uterus so that your child feels nice, safe and comfortable while using this pull-in sleeping bag. The Convertible sleeping bag is available in all seasons, providing longer and deeper sleep, so hassle sleeping is from past times. In addition, the infant sleeping bag encourages the sleeping of your little child on the back. The Convertible is a script of everything that can be used as you wish!

Tips for decommissioning with the recessed sleeping bag Convertible

First try to get a sleep with just one arm in order to get it done. This can be done during sleep during the day or at night. For example, do not bend back in the day and quietly relax in the nights. Do not be afraid to stop swaddling! If you consider it, your child is probably in a nice rhythm and the turbulence is past time. Does not the decommissioning do not go as desired? Then you notice that soon enough, your baby will cry more. It's not the case that you're back at it, try to get back in step by step to get your child to get used to sleep without being in bed. With the Convertible sleeping bag, you can step down slowly and at your own pace.

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