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Swaddling your baby with added ventilation in the warmer months has never been more easy and safe. The Woombie Convertible swaddle has mesh on the chest area that provides your baby with extra ventilation. This allows excess heat to escape and protects your little one from heat build-up and overheating. This makes the Woombie Air swaddle the perfect sleeping bag for spring and summer. However, you can also use the Woombie Air during the other seasons, in combination with pyjamas or other clothes. Because it provides additional ventilation, the Woombie Air swaddle is not only suitable for warmer days, but also perfect for babies who get warm quickly and perspire a lot when they sleep.

Benefits of the Air Swaddle

Swaddling your baby with the Woombie Air has the big advantage of providing it with added ventilation through the mesh on the chest area. Additionally, the Woombie Air is made from wonderfully soft and breathable organic cotton and has a two-way zipper for effortlessly changing your baby's diaper while it's swaddled. This swaddle also encourages your baby to sleep safely on its back and will allow it to sleep longer. Therefore, when you use this swaddle, cat naps will be a thing of the past. Swaddling your baby with the Woombie Air is the most comfortable way of swaddling for your little one during the warmer seasons.

Swaddling your baby with Woombie

Swaddling is an excellent way of having babies sleep better, longer and safer. Woombie has received various awards for design and innovation and has been nominated "Mum’s Favourite Swaddle" because of its effectiveness, comfort and ease-of-use. The infant care specialists at Woombie don't believe in restricting the arms and hips for establishing successful sleep patterns through swaddling. By imitating the feeling of being the womb with the unique design of the Woombie swaddle, we allow your baby to make natural “womb-like” movements during swaddling. The transition from womb to world will be safer, more comfortable and effective with the Woombie Air swaddle. Swaddling your baby has never been so easy, during all 4 seasons.

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