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The swaddle Grow With Me grows with your baby from 0-18 months, so your baby will enjoy this extraordinarily soft sleeping bag. By removing the zipper on the side and the bottom of the sleepingbag, you create extra space in the swaddle. This way you can enjoy the unique uterine development even longer, so your little one will feel safe and secure. This guarantees the nice long sleeps so the hare is from now on a thing of the past. If your baby is going to roll then stop swaddling, but by loosening the push buttons you use this swaddling sleeping bag after swaddling as a normal sleeping bag. A unique 2 in 1 sleeping bag for extra long sleep enjoyment. In the image below you can see how you can grow this swaddling sleeping bag in 5 steps with your baby. So do you have a big baby and does your child grow out of every swaddle? No problem because with the Woombie Grow With Me sleeping bag you have the ideal solution and you only have to invest once in your ideal sleeping bag.

Swaddle Grow With Me for save, conmfortable and effective swaddling

The Woombie swaddling sleeping bags are made from a light and stretchy fabric (95% ECO cotton and 5% spandex) that does not wrap the baby too tight, but limits the freedom of movement. This way you create a natural and peaceful sleeping environment for your baby during swaddling, resulting in longer drowsiness and less restlessness. The extra leg space your child receives during swaddling promotes the natural development of your child and reduces the risk of hip dysplasia. This makes the Woombie the safest and most comfortable swaddle for swaddling your child.

Does your child have trouble falling asleep or is your child at night very restless or overstimulated? Swaddling with the Woombie swaddling sleeping bag can save you a lot of stress and sleepless nights! The design of the Woombie sleeping bag mimics the feeling of the womb, which ensures that the child feels as safe and secure when using the Woombie as before the birth. According to research, swaddling in an swaddle provides a more natural, quiet sleep environment for children, resulting in longer sleep and less restlessness. In addition, the baby can not wake himself up or scratch his face!

The Woombie swaddle

The Woombie swaddling sleeping bag was designed by an American mother who could not find suitable swaddle cloths to swaddle her child, who always ended up under the blankets. That is why she decided to design her own swaddlebag, where security and flexibility were paramount: the Woombie. Thanks to Woombie, parents no longer have to deal with loose swaddling cloths, children have enough freedom of movement without being able to get away, babies are safer and easier, and babies can not wake up or scratch their faces. Better sleeping arrangements ensure better drinking and less crying for your baby, so from now on a happy baby with the Grow With Me swaddling sleeping bag.

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