The Woombie is a swaddle made from thin, breathable cotton. It was invented in 2006 by an American mother dealing with a daughter who slept very restlessly, and as a result kept covering herself with the blanket. She tried all kinds of swaddling blankets, but none of them had the desired result. However, through her search, she accumulated a lot of knowledge about the requirements that the perfect swaddle should meet. The solution was obvious: she would design a swaddle herself, that combined the desired security and necessary flexibility - the Woombie.

At the moment, the Woombie is one of the most flexible swaddles around. There is room for stretching the legs and moving the arms. The thin cotton moves along with the baby, but provides the safe and secure feeling that newborns long for at the same time. The thin cotton reduces the chance of overheating or swaddling too tightly.

The Woombie is suitable for babies 0 to 6 months old that suffer from startle reflexes and/or wake themselves up by hitting or scratching their faces. We recommend stopping with swaddling once your baby starts rolling from back to side, because it won't be able to roll back on its back and this can be dangerous.

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