Having a baby is the most wonderful thing of all. As a brand-new parent, you are on top of the world and nothing can stand in the way of your happiness. Or at least, so it seems. Because once the first sleepless nights occur and you are constantly trying to soothe your baby, you will both start to feel the lack of sleep and everything will look a little less positive. Having a baby is the most wonderful thing of all, but a good night's rest would make everything even better...

Our story

We are Simon and Anje Dam, and we speak from experience when we're talking about a lack of sleep. In 2011, we had our first child. A healthy boy, and we were on cloud nine. Everything was going really well, except sleeping. Putting him in the crib while he was awake didn't help and he kept screaming and crying during the night. However, he seemed to be able to fall asleep in between us, so once he was finally asleep, we picked him up and gently put him back in his crib. And sure enough, the crying would start again...

Internet research led us to the term 'swaddling', which means tightly wrapping your baby in a blanket. We wondered about this method, but eventually learned about the Woombie. This swaddle doesn't wrap the baby too tightly, yet still restricts it a little in its movements. A whole new world opened up to us!

Sleep wonderfully, thanks to Woombie!

When we were expecting our third, taking over the Woombie webshop came on our path. We couldn't imagine a happy baby time without swaddling with a Woombie anymore, and we wanted other parents to be able to experience the same joy. So, if you are happy parents of a newborn, you've come to the right place if your little one can use a good night's rest without being swaddled too tightly. Sleep tight!

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